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Test Code 042 Fetal Hemoglobin Stain (Kleihauer-Betke Test)

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Fetal HGB Kleihauer Betke

MA Cerner: Fetal Hemoglobin (K/B)

Specimen Requirement

1 mL maternal whole blood specimen is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect maternal blood in EDTA purple-top. Collect as soon as possible after delivery or prior to birth if a fetal bleed is suspected. The minimum specimen required is 1 mL. Refrigerate the specimen until analysis; analyze promptly.

Useful For

Determining the volume of fetal-to-maternal hemorrhage for the purposes of recommending an increased dose of the Rh immune globulin


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Typically completed within 24 hours after the specimen arrives at the testing site.


This test is performed by a pathologist.

CPT Code Information

85460 Coagulopathy Testing: Hemoglobin or RBCs, fetal, for fetomaternal hemorrhage; differential lysis (Kleihauer-Betke)

LOINC Code Information

14276-0 Hemoglobin F Distribution [Interpretation] In Blood By Kleihauer-Betke Method

Test Method

Kleihauer Bedtke Staining Technique, Fetal Hemoglobin Kit; Simmler

Reference Values

Interpretation by a pathologist.