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Test Code 319 Occult Blood Fecal, IFOB

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Occult Blood Fecal

MA Cerner: Fecal Occult Blood

Specimen Requirement

Stool specimen is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Specimen Collection Instructions:

  1. Enter the patient identification information on the collection tube label.
  2. Collect fecal specimen on collection paper, a clean cup or from a digital rectal exam. Do not allow fecal specimen to contact toilet water until after the sample has been collected. Do not urinate on the fecal specimen or collection paper.
  3. Open the green cap of the sample bottle by turning to the left and pulling upwards.
  4. Scrape the surface of the fecal sample with the sample probe. Cover the grooved position of the sample probe completely with fecal sample.
  5. Close the sampling bottle by inserting the sample probe and screwing cap on tightly to the right. Do not reopen.
  6. Specimens may be stored up to 15 days at room temperatures, or 30 days refrigerated.
  7. Samples must be brought to room temperature and mixed well prior to assaying.
  8. If samples that have been punctured cannot be processed immediately, cover the sample containers with parafilm and place upright in the refrigerator.

Useful For

Colorectal cancer screening

Screening for gastrointestinal bleeding


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Typically completed within 4 hours after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

CPT Code Information

82274 Chemistry: Occult Blood, by fecal hemoglobin determination by immunoassay, qualitative, feces, 1-3 simultaneous determinations.

LOINC Code Information

29771-3 Hemoglobin.Gastrointestinal [Presence] In Stool By Immunologic Method

Test Method

Immunoassay, Polymedco; OC-Auto Micro 80 FOB

Reference Values