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Test Code DOARFLX Drugs of Abuse Screen with Confirmation, Urine

Important Note

Urine Drugs of Abuse screen includes screening for Ethanol, Phencyclidine, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Cannabinoid, Opiate, Barbiturate and Tricyclic Antidepressant.

This tests will reflex to the following confirmation tests for positive results:
YAC - Amphetamines Confirmation, Urine
YBARBU - Barbiturates Confirmation, Urine
YBZ - Benzodiazapines Confirmation, Urine
YBP - Cocaine and Metabolite Confirmation, Urine
YEZ - Opiates Confirmation, Urine
Y9U - Phencyclidine Confirmation, Urine
Y9J - Carboxy-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Confirmation, Urine
YAX - Antidepressant Drug Screen, Ur, Quantitative

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Drugs of Abuse Screen with Confirmation, Urine

MA Cerner: Drugs of Abuse Screen with Confirmation, Urine.

Specimen Requirement

20 mL of urine is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect a random urine specimen. No preservative. If specimen cannot be assayed within 8 hours of collection store refrigerated for up to 7 days. If specimens are to be stored longer than 7 days, they must be stored frozen.

Useful For

Detecting drug abuse involving amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, propoxyphene, tetrahydrocannabinol, and ethanol

This test is intended to be used in a setting where the test results can be used to make a definitive diagnosis



Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Routine: Typically completed within 4 hours after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

STAT: Typically completed within 1 hour after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

CPT Code Information

80307  Drug test(s), presumptive, any number of drug classes, any number of devices or procedures, by instrument chemistry analyzers (utilizing immunoassay, chromatography and mass spectrometry either with or without chromatography, includes sample validation when performed, per date of service.

LOINC Code Information

51782-1 Drugs Of Abuse 7 And Alcohol And Tricyclics Panel-Urine By Screen Method

Test Method

Homogeneous Enzyme Immunoassay; Beckman DXC880i

Reference Values

Ethanol: Not detected (cut off 0.03 g/dL)

Phencyclidine (PCP): Not detected (cut off 25 ng/mL)

Cocaine: Not detected (cut off 300 ng/mL)

Amphetamine: Not detected (cut off 1000 ng/mL)

Cannabinoid (THC): Not detected (cut off 50 ng/mL)

Opiate: Not detected (cut off 2000 ng/mL)

Barbiturate: Not detected (cut off 200 ng/mL)

Benzodiazepine: Not detected (cut off 200 ng/mL)

Tricyclic antidepressant (TCA): Not detected (cut off 300 ng/mL)

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