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Test Code H68 Norovirus Group 1 and 2 Detection by PCR

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Norovirus PCR

MA Cerner: Norovirus PCR

Specimen Requirement

1 mL stool specimen is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collection and Transport:

  1. Place 2-4 grams (the size of a navy bean) of a random stool collection in a sterile container. Stool in enteric transport medium is also acceptable.
  2. Label each specimen transport tube with the patient name or unique identifier. UNLABELED SPECIMENS WILL NOT BE TESTED.
  3. A completed Viral and Bacterial PCR & DFA Test Request Form must accompany each specimen.
    Viral & Bacterial PCR and DFA Test Request Form-DV
    Viral & Bacterial PCR and DFA Test Request Form-Mercy
  • Name, birth date, and gender of patient.

  • Specimen type and date of specimen collection.

  • Mark the desired test (all that apply).

  • Date of symptom onset.

  • Clinical diagnosis.

  • Complete patient history, travel history, and other relevant patient information.

  1. Refrigerate all specimens immediately after collection. DO NOT FREEZE
  2. Wrap the specimen in absorbent material and place in a biohazard bag.
  3. Only one specimen per biohazard bag.
  4. Include the completed request form in the side pocket of the biohazard bag.
  5. Place the specimens in a Styrofoam container with sufficient freezer packs on top to maintain specimens at refrigerated temperature until shipment. DO NOT USE WET ICE.
  6. Ship multiple specimens in packaging compliant with USPS or IATA regulation.

Reference Value

Not detected

Useful For

Detection of Norovirus in stool specimens.


Test performed Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Typically completed within 5 business days after the specimen is received at the reference laboratory, however this may be variable due to circumstances out of control of the State Hygienic Laboratory.

CPT Code Information

87798 Detection Infectious Agent by Probe Techniques; amplified probe technique, each organism

LOINC Code Information

56748-7 Norovirus RNA [Presence] In Unspecified Specimen By Probe And Target Amplification Method

Test Method

Qualitative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR)