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Test Code HPSAS Helicobacter pylori Antigen, Stool

Important Note

Do not use stool preserved in Cary Blair or other transport media, on swabs mixed with preservatives.

Additional Codes


PowerChart: H. pylori Antigen Rapid Feces

MA Cerner: Helicobacter pylori Antigen, Stl

Specimen Requirement

Unpreserved stool specimen (solid, formed or semi liquid)

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect the stool specimen in a sterile container; refrigerate (2-8° C) until tested. Specimen is tested as soon as possible upon receipt at the testing site, but may be held up to 72 hours at 2-8° C prior to testing. If testing cannot be performed within the 72 hour time frame, immediately freeze sample (< -20° C) upon receipt and store frozen up to 14 days until tested. Specimens may be frozen and thawed twice.

Useful For

Detection of H. pylori antigens in human stool to diagnose active infection or treatment success.


Performed Monday through Sunday.

Typically completed within 24 hours after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

CPT Code Information

87338 Infectious agent antigen detection by immumnoassay technique (enzyme immunoassay [EIA], enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [ELISA], immunochemiluminometric assay [IMCA] qualitative or semiquantitative, multiple step method; Helicobacter pylori, stool

LOINC Code Information

31843-6  Helicobacter pylori Ag [Presence] in Stool

Test Method

Curian HpSA is a lateral flow -based fluorescent immunoassay that utilizes monoclonal anti-H.pylori antibodies as the capture and detection antibodies.

Reference Values

Not detected