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Test Code M05 Parasite, Macroscopic Examination

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Parasite Identification - Worm

MA Cerner: Parasite, Macroscopic Exam

Specimen Requirement

Recovered organism.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Send recovered organism in 10% formalin to the laboratory for transport to the microbiology department. Label the specimen appropriately with two identifiers, patient name and another identifier, (patient ID number, DOB, etc.) include date and time of collection.

Useful For

Gross identification of parasites (eg, worms), and suspect material passed in stool.



Monday through Sunday

CPT Code Information

87169 Identification of an Organism from Primary Source and Sensitivity Studies; Macroscopic examination; parasite

LOINC Code Information

10644-3 Helminth Identified In Unspecified Specimen By Macro/Micro Identification

Test Method

Macroscopic examination.

Reference Values

Not applicable