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Test Code YPR225 Food Allergen Panel

Important Note

This panel will not be visable in the Mayo test catalog. This is a special panel built for and orderable by MercyOne-Clinton sites only.

Additional Codes


Powerchart: Not Available

MA Cerner: Not Available

Specimen Requirement

2 mL Serum - refrigerated

Profile Information

Test Code Reporting Name
ALM Almond, IgE
BYST Baker's Yeast, IgE
BRAZ Brazil Nut, IgE
CELY Celery, IgE
CORN Corn, IgE
EGG Egg White, IgE
YOLK Egg Yolk, IgE
GSTB Green Bean String, IgE
NUTH Hazelnut-Food, IgE
IGE Immunoglobulin E, S
MILK Milk, IgE
PEC Pecan - Food, IgE
SESA Sesame Seed, IgE
SHRI Shrimp, IgE
SOY Soybean, IgE
TUNA Tuna, IgE
WHT Wheat, IgE
BENW White Bean, IgE