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Test Code 198 ABO Blood Grouping

Additional Codes


PowerChart: ABO Grouping

MA Cerner: ABO Grouping.

Specimen Requirement

A 5mL EDTA purple-top tube is preferred.

Specimens may be held at room temperature for up to 24 hour and 3 days when refrigerated.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

 7-10 mL red-top, 5 mL heparin green-top or 5 mL blue-top tubes are also acceptable. Serum and plasma gel tubes are not acceptable. Cord blood may also be tested. Micro specimen may be obtained with a capillary collection device.

Useful For

Determining ABO blood grouping.


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Routine orders: Typically completed within 4 hours; Mercy DV and MA West within 24 hours

Expedite orders: Typically completed within 1 hour after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

STAT orders: Typically completed within 15 minutes after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

CPT Code Information

86900 ABO Group

LOINC Code Information

883-9 ABO Group [Type] In Blood

Test Method

AABB Standard: Agglutination of red cells with an antiserum represents the presence of the corresponding antigen in the red cells; Ortho Gel Cards. (AABB Technical manual. 14th edition. Edited by V Vengelen-Tyler. Bethesda, MD, American Association of Blood Banks 2002)

Reference Values

Not Applicable