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Test Code EBVG Epstein-Barr Virus IgG Antibody to Early Antigen

Additional Codes

Powerchart: Epstein Barr Virus Early Antigen Antibody
MA Cerner: Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) IgG Ab to Early Ag

Specimen Requirement

1 mL serum (serum gel tube preferred) is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect blood in a serum gel tube. Red-top serum is also acceptable. Serum should be separated from contact with the cells within 2 hours of collection. Refrigerate the specimen if unable to assay within 8 hours of collection.

  • Minimum volume: 500 mcL
  • Hemolysis: > 2+ not acceptable
  • Lipemia: > 3+ must be ultrafuged
  • Icterus: no significant interference
  • Storage: specimen is stable for up to 7 days refrigerated; freeze at -20oC for long term storage.
    Thoroughly mix thawed specimens; it is also recommended to centrifuge thawed specimens to remove gross particulate matter. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles (up to 3 cycles are acceptable).

Reference Value

EBV Antibody to Early Antigen: Negative


                       Interpretation of Serologic Results: Diagnostic Algorithm


Seronegative (-) (-) (-) (-)
Early Acute (-) (±) (±) (+)
Late Acute (-) (+) (+) (+)
Past Infection (+) (±) (+) (-)
Seropositive (+) (±) (+) (-)


Useful For

A third order test in the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis, especially in situations when initial testing results (heterophile antibody test) are negative and follow-up testing (viral capsid antigen: VCA IgG, VCA IgM, and Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen) yields inconclusive results aiding in the diagnosis of type 2 or type 3 nasopharyngeal carcinoma.


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.
Routine: Typically completed within 4 hours after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

CPT Code Information

86663  Antibody, Epstein-Barr (EB) virus, early antigen

LOINC Code Information

22295-0  Epstein Barr virus early IgG Ab [Presence] in Serum

Test Method

Multiplex Flow Immunoassay; BioRad BioPlex