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Test Code SCL70 Scl-70 Antibody

Important Note

Testing for Scl 70 antibodies is not useful in patients without demonstrable antinuclear antibodies.

Additional Codes


Powerchart: Anti Scleroderma (Scl 70)

MA Cerner: Scl 70 Antibodies, IgG

Specimen Requirement

0.5 mL of serum. Gel tubes are preferred.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collection Instructions:

  • Minimum volume: 500 mcL
  • Hemolysis: Samples with hemolysis >2+ are not acceptable
  • Lipemia: Samples with lipemia >3+ must be ultracentrifuged prior to analysis
  • Icterus: No interference
  • Storage: Stable for up to 7 days at 2-8°C.

Reference Value

Scl-70 Antibody: Negative (<1 AI) Reported as an antibody index.

Useful For

Evaluating patients with signs and symptoms of scleroderma and other connective tissue diseases in whom the test for antinuclear antibodies is positive.
A positive test result for Scl 70 antibodies is consistent with a diagnosis of scleroderma.



Testing is performed Monday through Friday.

CPT Code Information

83516-Scl-70 Antibody

Test Method

Multiplex Flow Immunoassay; BioRad BioPlex